How to edit a page (In-context Editing)

Editing the basic content and functionality of your website is easy. Most of the work you'll need to do with your website happens right on the page you want to edit. See a typo? Fix it right there. Want to add a paragraph, no problem! In-context editing makes managing your content a breeze.

Step 1

Sign in to the Content Management System (CMS) by clicking the Sign In link in the bottom right of your website. When you have securely logged in, your site is aware of who you are and what you have access to edit and create.

Step 2

Go to the page where you want to make an edit, just as you normally would.

To start making changes to a page, click Edit in the editing tool bar located in the top left of the page. The page edit dropdown will open, select Edit this Page.

Notice that edit changed to editing and turned green in the tool bar. Your site is now in edit mode.

The page will reload with all of the areas you can edit highlighted in dotted red borders. In addition, any editable regions will highlight grey when you hover your mouse over the area.

Step 3

To begin making changes, simply hover over an editable region and press your mouse button. This will bring up a list of options. Select Edit and the editing interface will open. From here you can edit your text, add content, or apply styling and formatting. The tools available in the In-context Editor are very similar to those used in your favorite word processor. Once you have made your changes, click Save to close the editor.

Step 4

The final step to completing your edit is to publish your changes and make them visible to your visitors. To do this, click on the green Editing button in the top left of your screen. The Editing menu will open with three options.

  • 1. Discard My Edits - Throw away all the changes you just made and revert to the last published version.
  • 2. Preview My Edits - Save these edits as a new version, but do not publish. When logged in you will see this most recent version, but regular site visitors will only see the last published version.
  • 3. Publish My Edits - Save your edits, and make them live for all visitors to see.

Once you are happy with your changes, click Publish My Edits and you're done!